February 5, 2011

one of those days...

Today was just one of those days....you know...days that really stink!!  It was a whole slew of reasons, it was raining all day...I have the sinus infection from H-E double....unfair life crap...you know...the whole she-bang.  I'm trying to brush it all off but I think I need a really good night sleep.  So after this post I'm going to take a nice long hot bubble bath, read my book, take a Tylenol pm and go to bed.  Church in the am should make all things better, at least brighten my perspective on life, right?!?!  Right!

Anyways I wanted to post the books I have so far...I'm up to 9 books and I'm waiting on the last one.  I forget which one it is, but I have a few on hold at the library so whichever one comes first!  LOL!

Here they are:
1. The Lucky One Nicholas Sparks
2.  Dead in Dallas Charlaine Harris
3.  Postmortem Patricia Cornwell
4.  Wurthering Heights Emily Bronte <- my classic for the month
5.  Mysterious Benedict Society Trenton Lee Stewart
6.  Breaking Free Beth Moore <- Spiritual reading for the month
7.  Heart of the Matter Emily Griffin
8.  Backstage with Julia <- Bio for the month
9.  Encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts <- my how-to for the month with the challenge that I have to make at least one item from this book (since its such an easy read!)
10.  Remains to be named.....lol

One reason I love reading?  When you have a really crappy day, you can escape into a book and forget about life for a while:)  Guess what I'm off to do!!

Goodnight dear friends!