February 3, 2011

Book 1 done....Book 2 already started!

Good evening dear friends!

I'm done my first book already, the Nicholas Sparks book: The Lucky One.  NS is losing his tragic touch and I must say I don't miss it!!  His earlier books all made me want to throw myself off a cliff they were so sad!!!  Honestly, read his first 5 earliest books and I swear you will cry during all of them.  Anyways, The Lucky One was pretty good.  His books are a little predictable to me now that I have read so many...don't get me wrong it is a good book!  It's about a man who is in the marines and finds a photo of a girl and because of certain circumstances, after his is discharged he walks cross country to find this girl - and of course they end up falling in love.  The end is a little stressful!  I give this book a 3 out of 5.  Good read, easy read, but I've read better;)

That reminds me, I need to figure out how to get a permanent rating system up on this site!!

I've moved on to book 2 which is the Mysterious Benedict Society but Trenton Lee Stewart.  This is a "young adult" book but my friend Christine told me it's a must read....so I must read it!!  I'm only a chapter in so far, its about an orphan boy who sees an ad in the paper about joining this Mysterious Society and is going through the "tests" to join.  Cute, so far!!  I'll write more about it tomorrow.

I got a call from the Harford Library telling me they have two of the books I requested ready for pick up!!  That only took 3 days, not bad at all:)

Alright, I need to get up and clean or do something else productive!  I'm on the internet too much:)