February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I wake up to....

 Flowers and breakfast from Dave, who just got off work and hurried home NOT to sleep but to make his Valentine a nice breakfast!  How sweet!!
 Our first Valentine's Day married!!  I look rough here, sorry, I just got out of bed, didn't know where to look at the camera and whoa....just whoa....brush your hair Tina!!
We got these utensils as a wedding gift, they are really cute - see the hearts at the bottom?!?!

I'm still in the middle of trying to customize my blog!  I am having a hard time getting my awesome made-by-me header/banner to be centered on my page.  It's really cute, I hope I can make it work....it's really a pain in the but, I need to take a graphics design class to learn this stuff!

I'm realllllly behind in my reading this month.  I've been busy looking for jobs, helping my mom renovate her house so they can sell it this year, and hanging out with friends!  I'm halfway through Dead in Dallas by Charlene Harris...the True Blood books.  It's good!  But it's only my 3rd book!!  Yikes!!  It's halfway through the month, I should be done 5 by now!!!  But I'm not worried because the Martha Stewart sewing book and the Dave Ramsey book will be easy, one-day reads!

I already have a list of at least 10 more books that I was told about or saw in a store, I'm excited to pick out my new ones - Feb is just flying by.  The library called with another book I picked out, so that's 11 for this month but I'm not officially adding it unless I have time!  If I don't it'll go on Marchs list.  March!  Already!!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day.  I know I will!!  Dave just made me a lovely breakfast, my sweet Valentine, and now I may  go help mom, and later after picking up Ash we are all going to dinner together and then making fondue!  Dave & I are celebrating our Vday on Friday, when Ash is with her mom and he has off.  We make it work around here:)  Have a great week!

I know I promised house pictures, I will get them up this week.  Oh and I'm also doing the Weekly Challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons to make a recipe binder!!  I'm so excited!  Check out her blog, it's awesome!