February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Corner

I just put Ashley's gift together and all our Valentine's goodies all in one place - it looks so sweet sitting there together, I love Valentine's Day!  Next year I am making a promise to myself to decorate more for this holiday, and also making a note to be more crafty and decorative for every holiday this year from now on - there are so many crafty possibilities!! 

I made that little sign, its a poor mans version of a beautiful Pottery Barn ring plate that everyone in the blogs is recreating at home with a ceramic plate and their Cricut machines....but as I do not have a Cricut I created this on my computer, printed it out and framed it - it's a beautiful quote from my favorite movie Pride & Prejudice...which I watched yesterday by the way (the 6 hour original one!)

The flowers are from this am, the one's Dave bought me, and the pretty box houses my Valentine silverware that I posted this am....it's such a cute set.  We are going to La Tolteca for dinner tonight, me Ash & Dave, because Ashley and I are crazy about Mexican food!  Then we are coming back here for fondue dessert!How is everyone else celebrating their night?