February 23, 2011

Back to work....

Welp...being a housewife has officially ended as of today!  Tomorrow I go back to work for a few months as a school counselor (I'm doing a long term sub position).  Now is the REAL test, can I still read 10 books a month?!?!  I hope so!!  I'm almost done my Julia Child book, and I'm halfway through the apron project out of the Martha Stewart book.  That means I have to read the baking book and Dave Ramsey, all by Monday!  Can I do it??? YES I CAN:)

I'm exciting about working.  and nervous.  and happy.  and....ready!!!  Oh geez, what should I wear?!?!  BTW, I found some REALLY cute finds at Targets $1 section tonight, to ptu in the crafty craft room - I'll post pics tomorrow - after work!! 

Night blog world!