February 4, 2011

Book 6: A lesson in sewing....

I am re-teaching myself how to sew.  I used to know, but I forgot!  Mom gave me her back-up sewing machine and I am learning how to use it again!!  I keep looking at all these blogs where they make bags and aprons and checkbook covers and Ipad covers and I think....whoa...I could DO that...they are adorable!  So...I got sewing books from the library...this one is going to be awesome:

This will be my 6th book for this month.  It teaches me how to sew plus gives me tons of ideas.  Part of the challenge with this book is that after I read it...I have to MAKE one item outta here.  I'm scared!  But very excited too!  When I embark on that adventure I'll be sure to blog allll about it.  See what reading does to me...it gets me hyped up about all this stuff.  Blogging does too...I'm outta control with ideas!!  Maybe one day I'll be a lil miss sewing priss:
I love that idea!!!

I've got all 10 books!  I'll post the official list with pictures tomorrow.  Happy Weekend!