February 8, 2011

Mysterious Benedict Society

So good!!  I give this book a 4 out of 5.  I loved it.  It's about 4 orphans who happen to catch an ad in a newspaper about joining a secret society - they are put through these funny, random tests that measure how smart, brave and curious they are.  100's of children apply, these four are the only who make it.  Mr Benedict - the founder of the society - is on a secret mission to stop an evil man from transmitting secret messages to the public through TV and eventually, right in to the brain, these messages cause war and unrest - this man does this all under the pretense of a school of "gifted" children.  The 4 hero's have to become agent spies in his school and figure out a way to stop the evil man from taking over the world.  It's a really fun book, I giggled a lot...kids will love it!  The kids in the book are about 11 years old, but a younger student could read this if they have the motivation, it is kinda long.  Anyways, I highly recommend it...its a great story.

Now I am on to Postmortem by P Cornwell...quite the change of pace!  Have a good day!