February 10, 2011

On to the next one!

Good evening!!

I just finished reading Heart of the Matter by Emily Griffin.  It was good!  Her books are what we like to call, Chick Lit, a girly book.  No no no, its not a crazy romance novel or anything, just a girly book.  E Griffins writing is a little unconventional...she writes a lot about betrayal in relationships.  But she writes about it in a very real way.  Like....if your best friend's husband had an affair, how real and painful and terrible it is....that is how she writes.  The first books I read of hers were Something Borrowed and Something Blue.  The two books were about best friends each book was from each girls' perspective, the one was engaged and her fiance ended up falling in love with her best friend.  It was terrible.  Yet, I couldn't stop reading it because it was good, not cheap like you would think that sort of book would be, but filled with real feelings and forgiveness and life-like situations.

This book that I just finished is about a married woman whose husband has an affair, and the "other woman" also has a part in this book - it flips between the two perspectives.  I should hate reading this stuff, but I think the counselor to me is interested in this.  I don't really know why other than I am interested in how people deal with situations such as these.

I would recommend this book.  It's a very easy read, I read it in just about a day and it is a really good book.  You learn to really love both women, which makes it strange because you really can't like both women!!  I was cheering for the wife the whole time, obviously because I think affairs and divorce are stupid and wish things like that didn't happen to people even though I know that they do.  I won't tell you how it ends or even how I feel about the ending because it would give it away.  Overall I give this book a 3.  Solid, neutral 3.  I think anything 3 and above is worth reading - just so you know how I gauge things. 

Ok, so it's February 10th and I still have a ways to go.  Which book am I reading next?  I'll tell you tomorrow!!! 

Something else on my agenda this weekend is to super clean our house and post up pictures of all our rooms.  I'd love to share our "around the world" sort of home...and maybe one day, when I have thousands of readers and followers (yeah right!), get ideas on how to make each room better!  Our home still needs a loooooot of work, but I want to share it with everyone.  I really love being a home owner and decorating and updating and knowing that the job will never be done, and being able to talk about with friends and family and get tons of ideas (another reason why I loooove blogging and looking at blogs, there are some great home re-do blogs out there!).  So be on the look out for that!! 

Thanks again for reading, whoever is reading this.  I love writing about anything and everything!