January 23, 2011

I'm still alive!

I haven't blogged in almost a week - GASP!  I had a really random and painful stomach bug or virus and I am just know getting over it:(  It was awful!  I am still reading Along Came a Spider, but it's going slow because I am also reading another book called The Hidden Magic of Disney World by Susan Veness!  I didn't think I'd read this whole thing so fast but I have, so I am using it as one of my 10, and will bump one of the other books.  I'm writing about Disney for an online journal so it helps my research;)  It's really good.  If you want to know all the little secrets and tucked away nooks of Disney World, you will love this book.  It also has a lot of helpful history for understanding how Disney came about.  I'm fairly obsessed with all things Disney!

Along came a Spider seems good so far, it's kinda creepy so I still try to only read it when Dave is home;)  If he isn't then I'll finish the Anne of Avonlea book!  It is a lot different then the movie we all saw about 10 years or so ago with Mr M. Freeman. 

I have two interviews this week, I'm really hoping something good opens up soon!  We are ready to be financially ready for life, buy cars, have lots of extra, and go to Disney every other month (lol, I'm kidding but I wish I wasn't).  I had a few with one company a week ago, and I think those went well but I havent heard from them yet - although they did say they would call me either way. 

I hope everyone had a good weekend and hope you also have a fabulous week!  I'll post my review of the Disney book and hopefully the Alex Cross book tomorrow - if I finish either of them!