January 30, 2011


I did it!!!  Yay!!!  1 month of reading down, 11 more to go!!!  110 books to read now, lol.  I am honestly proud of myself, I didn't know if I could do it.  I thought I would be rushing to finish 4 books at the last minute, but I wasn't.  I just finished Anne of Avonlea today, with one day to spare.  Last week I hardly read at all, because I wasn't really digging the Overton Window, so it dragged on by. 

I give the Overton Window a 2.  It ended really weird, it actually didnt really end at all.  The book was about how the government really has complete control over the public and how we think, using terrible incidents like Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to gain even more control over us.  The Window refers to how much we the people can handle knowing and accepting about this "control" at any one point, and when tragedies happen the government shifts this Window towards the extreme of complete government domination (very extreme).  I think the book is based off "facts" but it was not nearly as interesting as it could've been.  The theory is interesting, but nah...this book wasn't all that great.  Even if this crap is true, who cares?  We live in a world that is forever going down hill, not that we shouldn't try to save it or the people in it, but the world is never going to get better - the Bible tells us so!  I know Glenn Beck is very famous and well loved, maybe I should read something else by him and give him another chance.  Or maybe I'm just too naive about government and politics that it's over my head - but I'm ok with that!

Anne of Avonlea gets a 5.  I love these books, I may re-read all of them over the course of the year.  I know I originally chose this book because I have it on my IPhone and I intended to read it on the road or portably whenever I needed it but I actually read 99% of this book at home, since I have a copy of it in it's truest form - A BOOK:)  The way LMM writes is so beautiful, it makes you want to go to a meadow and make up fairy tale names about everything.  I love Anne, she is a wonderful character.  She is one of those characters that I aspire to be...like Elizabeth Bennet, or Rory Gilmore, or Hermione Granger.  Smart and bookish and great imagination...I love reading!!!

So my official January list turned into the following:
1.  Julie & Julia by Powell
2.  Dead until Dark by Harris
3.  Safe Haven by Sparks
4.  The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Meyer
5.  Lost Voices of the Titanic by Bartlett
6.  The Last Battle by Lewis
7.  The Hidden Magic of Disney by Veness
8.  Along Came a Spider by Patterson
9.  The Overton Window by Beck
10.  Anne of Avonlea by Montgomery

It was a good month!  Lots of different kinds of books.  I liked most of them, learned a lot about a lot of different things, was inspired out the wazoo to cook, clean, decorate, learn more about history, etc.  I'm enjoying this so far!  Tomorrow I am going to the library to get my Feb 10 - so more suggestions would be great:)