January 17, 2011

Narnia and the end of all things...

I just finished reading "The Last Battle" and it was so good!!  Maybe the best of all of the Narnia books?  I can't believe I didn't read that one, but read all the others:)  This one is the end of the Narnia stories, and indeed it does end with great finality!  Narnia, itself, ceases to be in this book, but not as you think - it has a very very happy ending (bittersweet but happy!)  Its so sad yet so wonderful at the same time - I can only hope my "story" will end that sweetly and it makes me proud and happy and feeling lucky all at the same time that I love Jesus and believe in a life after this one! 

Anyways, I give this book a 5 out of 5!  I loved it, it was the end book of a series which usually tends to get a "5" from me, plus it had so many wonderful parallels to ponder!  The Narnia books each have a "lesson" or story that we can learn from, whether it been choosing good, overcoming obstacles or temptations, or whatever - the books are wonderful!

I'm down to 4 more books, the Julia Child one, Along came a spider, Overton something and Anne of Avonlea.  I think I am going to read Along came a spider next - I've been putting this one off because I'm afraid it will scare me or something...I have a bad time of scary and disturbing images lately.  There is too much fear in me - begone fear!! 

That is all for today - if you haven't read Narnia yet, do it!  The very first book (if you want to read in order of the Narnia World beginning to end) is the Magician's Nephew.  Start and I promise you will not be disappointed:)