January 9, 2011

Tell me it's worth it!!!

Love in the time of Cholera is a very hard book to get through - I'm only on page 60 and I need to be done by tomorrow!  Someone tell me its worth it!!!  Ugh!!  Isnt this book supposed to be amazing?  I need to get to that part - otherwise I will fall seriously behind here;)

I keep finding 'better' things to do then read, which is a habit when I'm reading a book I am having trouble getting through.  Something needs to be cleaned, or I want to watch Friends, or...theres playoff games on (I'm really stretching it there!!LOL)  So I need motivation.  I'll learn something new, I'll be more "well read", I'm expanding the culture of my....literariness....right??

Ok, for the next hour, until 11:30, I'm going to turn the tv off an sit on this big couch with Frodo and a blanket and read this stupid book! I hope I have better opinions by noon;)