January 5, 2011

Sleep deprived!!!

For the past week I've been a terrible sleeper.  I haven't been getting in bed until after 1, and I'll wake up every hour after 3am.  What the heck?!  Sometimes I blame my night owl hubby (thanks babe) but sometimes its not always his fault.  He is a nurse who works overnight and sometimes we stay up and sleep in to be on the same schedule, since I'm not working right now.  Other times I just cant fall asleep.  Whatever the reason, its got to stop!!  I cant live like this, I feel all groggy and sick all the time because of the poor sleeping habits!  I didn't let myself have any caffeine today, which is torture, so that I can go to bed early.  Well, it shouldn't be a problem because I slept so crappily (made up word, I know)  I'll be in bed and out cold within an hour (it's 7:45pm!). 

On to the book, Dead until Dark is pretty good!!  It's like Twilight, for grown ups.  Twilight has that teeny bopper feel to it when you read it, not to mention the extreme teeny bopper following in the world.  I'm not sure I don't prefer Twilight over DuD, the jury is still out.  I'm definitely intrigued with it though, and will finish it soon!  If I wasn't so incredibly tired, I'd probably be able to finish it tonight, I'm on page 176 of 252 so I'm moving through it fairly fast.  I didn't sit and read all day either!  I napped from 9 to 11 (since I didn't sleep) and then went to the Good will and over to the school I subbed at in the fall as counselor to help with the Variety Show practice.  I'm determined, in my time off, not to read all day because that is setting up a standard for the year that I will not be able to live up to.  Who sits and reads all day for 365 days?  Man, I think that would be my dream job!  If anyone out there wants to pay me to read everyday all day, please message me and we can talk:)

I got off track.  DuD is more grown up, lots of vampire murder and night time extracurriculars (which I think is why I think I like the old fashioned Twilight more...I'm very conservative with that...stuff!)  But it is such an easy read and it will drag you in at about the 3-4 chapter.  I'm enjoying it!  Who knew I'd like vampire stuff?? So weird...I've been weirded out by that since I fell in love with Edward & Bella.  I am SO SO SO not a vampire girl.  I shop at Gap and Old Navy and love Disney and wii and ..... vampires?!?  Doesn't sit right;)  These vampires are more vicious too - I guess some people like that sort of thing!

Ok, bed time for the Tinester...I'll write my official review tomorrow when I finish, and then I'll be on to book 3!  That is kind of fun to think about, almost on 3 already!!  Yay!

BTW I am getting fairly obsessed with looking at home decor blogs on here, so don't be surprised if I start adding lovely home decor and projects on my blog too - I love our house and am all about fixing it up and sprucing it, but I have so many ideas and not a lot of knowledge of how to execute those ideas....I know...I should read books about it!!!