January 2, 2011

January 2 of 10...

The library is closed on Sundays now??  When did that start?? I remember when the library was always open on Sundays during the school year!  I guess now with internet and all that stuff, they dont feel the need to provide books to the public;)

Anyways, I've picked two books so far!  One is Julie & Julia by Julie Powell.  Usually, I'm a book-before-movie sort of girl - but until I saw the movie I didnt even know there was a book (just an example of how removed I am from the book world, I am ashamed!!  Ashamed!!)  Since I loved the movie so much, I knew I had to read the book!  I got it from the library 2 1/2 weeks ago and it has to go back this week, so not only do I have to read it fast for my own challenge, but theres a due date and fine on the line too:)  Plus, it's a good way to start my resolution by reading about someone else's crazy challenge.  Of course, hers was much more challenging (365 days to cook 524 recipies - YIKES) - but its inspiration nonetheless.

The other book is Anne of Avonlea.  Now, I have read this book before, but its been probably over 10 years.  The reason I picked this one is that it is on my iphone and portable, so I can read it when I am not at home or don't have access to my other books.  Ok....I am not one for "electronic" books and I'll save that rant for another day - someone is going to have to seriously talk me into the goodness of the Kindle, (I've had a few try already!!) but I think it's an abomination to books everywhere!  However, the hypocrite that I am, I do have the app on my IPhone, only because it was free and I know it will never take the place of sitting down and opening a physical, beautiful book:)  Plus I only ever download the free books on it, and Anne of Avonlea was one of them. 

That's my first 2 of 10: Julie & Julia, and Anne of Avonlea

I do want to point out that if I do want to read any HP or Twilight this year, I can...but they will not count towards my 10 a month - so if I want to read them I have to work extra hard;)  If I want to re-read a book I've read before, I can only do that once a month and I cant have read it recently.  If the whole point is to branch out and read new things, I cant keep reading books that I have already experienced!  So, while Anne of Avonlea is on my Jan list, I can re-read any other books this month, the other 9 have to be new new new!

I am going to the library tomorrow and will pick out my other 8 books - I am really really excited!!  What am I going to read??! :)

Oh and by the way....GO RAVENS!!!