January 15, 2011

Halfway done - with a fun freebie!

Yesterday I finished my 5th book, the Titanic one!  I'm halfway through 1 month of my crazy 10 books a month challenge - woooooooo!!!  I took a few back to the library today, so that I do not forget about them.  I signed up for that Get Steamed reading challenge hosted by the Harford County Library - and today I got my mug!  Here is a picture...
Don't mind my morning mess look, crazy hair and all!  We really do not need another mug here, but oh well, I'm a sucker for free stuff. I'm drinking my coffee (from my fave appliance the house - the keurig!!!) out of it right now!  If you want to do it, it's soooo easy.  Just get a slip from the library and read 5 books by March 5th or something, and then turn the slip back in and you get a mug - fun freebie!
I took out all these research books on Disney, because if you didn't know, I am now a internet writer for Examiner.com!!  I'm the Baltimore Disney Travel writer, and its really fun so far!  I'm getting paid (not much) to write about Disney travel stuff!  Cool, huh?  Here is my link if you want to read it: http://www.examiner.com/disney-travel-in-baltimore/christina-bland its really cute.  So I am reading up on all sorts of Disney stuff to get the creative juices flowing.  I already have about 100 ideas for articles, just from my experiences planning, going, and enjoying all things Disney!

I also took out a bunch of books on party planning!  My bestest friends and I are starting a small event planning business, it's call Sweet Pea Events!!  We also have a blog and Facebook for that, here is that link: http://sweetpeaeventplanning.blogspot.com/2011/01/sweet-pea-events.html .  We love to throw parties and especially help brides with weddings, so we are taking that love and hobby to the next level, we are very excited!

So I have a lot going on right now, but it's all really fun stuff.  Isn't life better when you enjoy every bit of it?  I also went on an interview yesterday for the behavior consultant job (2nd interview) and I think I will probably get it, yay for having a job and money again!!!

Ok well I'm off to clean, read (The Last Battle, Lewis is next on my list), cook, paint our little basement office and watch the Ravens kick the Squeelers butts!!  GO RAVENS!!!