July 2, 2013

Crossing it off!

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Here is my weekly post about the ever-growing TO DO list.  Here is what it looks like as of 1:00pm today:

I'm rolling through it slowly but surely!

Patching up some holes created by yours truly.  I had a fight with the towel bar and tp holder.  I lost.  Then they lost;)  They needed to be replaced anyways...

 Then I had to sand and paint over them...

The paint isn't quite dry here yet.  But I am dubbing Phase 1 of this project done.  Moving on to phase 2 which is installing a new towel bar.  The TP holder isn't getting replaced.  We are going to use one of those free standing TP holders because everyone in our family is way too lazy to REPLACE the TP when it runs out.  I'm figuring, the easier it is to do, the more we will do it?  Hopeful thinking;)

Oh and I patched a random hole in the door too.  This calls for the whole door to get repainted.  I should add that to my list:/

Then I worked on the basement storage room where we had the flood.  It was such a MESS.  I cringed every time I had to go in:/  Warning, it's NOT pretty...

Junk! Junk everywhere!!!

We could hardly walk in our laundry room!  Oh the horror!

So out it all came, to be placed in piles for Good Will or the dumb, or to keep.

Then, I got busy getting organized, and taking stuff where it needed to go (don't worry, I fixed CHAULK to CAULK!)

My label maker is my BFF.

This is so far from done, but at least we can find things.  The pile in the very front is for the dump.  I need Dave to help me with that but his schedule has been so crazy lately, there hasn't been a good time.  Obviously we have some contractor-stuff to do here, take down and put up walls, put in tile, etc.

But at least you can walk into our laundry room again!

Stuff for the dump, once that comes out it'll be much less stress inducing.

Then I took an hour and took pictures of tons of stuff for Craiglist.  Unused scrap booking supplies, Ashley's furniture (we are totally redoing her room, it's going to be so cute!), and other miscellaneous stuff.

I feel happy when I am productive!  I can cross that off my Happiness Chart for today!