July 12, 2013

Project Cloud

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Our bed in the master bedroom needed a major makeover.  All the sheets, comforters, pillows are 3+ years old and the pillows have lost all their fluff...it doesn't make for comfy sleeping conditions.

Dave has back problems, AND he sleeps during the day for half the week--and me...well I just love sleep (thanks to the permanent mononucleosis living in my body) and so we both NEED to be comfortable whilst counting sheep.

I have put this off for a while, because revamping a bed can be pricey.  I had nightmares of $150-$200 feather beds and hypoallergenic pillows and what not.  Finally, yesterday, I proclaimed that I couldn't handle it anymore and off to Macy's I went.  I saw on an email that they were starting a big sale today (Friday) and usually by Thursday evening all the sale signs are up and they honor them (little tip, shop the Macy sales on Thursday - less people and crowds and more options!)  I wandered around their bedding department for a good 40 minutes before deciding and here is what I came up with!

Martha Stewart Allergywise Fiberbed

4 of these Charter Club extra soft pillows

Charter Club Level 2 Damask Stripe Down Comforter

Charter Club Damask Solid 500 ct sheets

Oh heavens.  It's so lovely.  I wish I could give you the feeling of climbing into this comfy delight!  For now, you'll just have to deal with the pictures;)

It's so FLUFFY I could die!!  (Despicable Me, anyone?)  Dave and I were saying this all night!

You can see the faint stripes in the comforter, I like the detail.  I swoon for an all white bed.  I'd like it to be a bit more fancy but Dave didn't like the ruffle duvet cover I bought a few months back from HomeGoods.  He got tangled in it too much, no matter how many duvet clips I put on that thing!

The feather bed is SO fluffy, I think after a few weeks it'll probably not be as puffy, but oh.em.gee is it so soft and comfortable!

The pillows are billowy too!  They are extra soft, so your head sorta of gets lost in them which we love.  They do have this pillows in soft-firm-extra firm too.  It all depends on what you like!  I love that when we aren't laying on them they puff back up.

That's our bed makeover, as I am calling it Project Cloud.  When I lived in my apartment way back when, all my friends called my bed the cloud because my mom gave me all this featherbed/down stuff that I loaded up on there, so everyone loved to come over and flop down on my bed.  Seriously.  I should find the picture of everyone piled up on there.  It was a little weird, but that's us;)

Today we are running down to IKEA to look at some things for a few other projects I have planned.  I hope you all enjoy your Friday!  The rain is really putting a damper on my whole spray paint-the-outdoor-cart plans;)

PS - I hate our ceiling fan so please ignore it.  The old brown wood and brass combo is so gross!