July 6, 2013

Hello weekend!

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Ok so seriously, I have no concept of time or day.  Yes it's the weekend but everyday feels like the weekend right now!  Nice!

Not too much going on this week on the topic of DIY or house stuff.  Dave was off a few nights and of course there was 4th of July so we've been doing lots of fun & family & non-productive type things.

We spent the holiday at my brother's house, he has the pool and it's just lovely being there with him and Krystal and my parents and my little family.  We had our own fireworks display which I am betting was better than Bel Air's.  We decided to do the 4th this way because for the last 2 years we've sat at the Safeway parking lot in town, hot and sweaty and not able to enjoy an adult beverage, only to sit through a so-so fireworks show.

We decided that we were done with that.  It's only worth it if there is a long, amazing firework show, which sadly...our town just can't produce.   I am hoping I am wrong and they stepped up their games this year!

We had a great time swimming all evening, and I got to chill safely in the pool while the pyros (Jonathan, Krystal & Dave) set off everything.  We had yummy food too!  We played a fair amount of basketball type games...Jonathan put this impossible-to-shoot net in the pool.

Dave made a shot from his seat.

I made a shot from that back corner.  Ashley just had a great time overall - barely came out of the water except for...

Food!  We had so much!  Ham to make sammies, brats, hot dogs, burgers, corn, potato salad, mac salad, chips and dip...everything you can imagine an American family would have on the 4th of July;)  Except for crabs...but that will come tonight;)

This is a fairly intense game of HORSE going on;)

What a fun day!  I want to spend every 4th of July like that!  We had so much fun that Jonathan and my dad decided there is going to be a 4th of July in August!  ;)

Meanwhile, Dave and I are going to see some fireworks tonight in Havre de Grace.  We always enjoy their show, much better than Bel Airs!  Yipee!!!

My next project is to create a sweet little outdoor grill cart.  I got the inspiration from here:

I love that this one has everything that you would need while grilling like plates, a napkin (for messy hands and hot kabob skewers!) a tray, and a little caddy to hold some utensils.  Dave won't have to make as many trips in and out of the house to get those things and if we get all weatherproof items, they can just stay out there.  Hip hip hooray for convenience!

It just so happens that my mom had this sitting in their garage, all rusty and ready for a new home and makeover:

I am going to sand it and spray it a happy, bright color, and then probably coat it with some clear poly cover to keep it weather proof.  It will sit right next to our grill, ready to help!  I even bought a few accessories already too!  I have to decide which color to spray it, Dave wants orange and I think that may be perfect:)

The navy tray, green caddy, and yellow-green napkin are clearance finds from Home Goods - I spent less than $25 for all three!  The pepper shakers, BBQ bowl, disposable napkins and can opener are from Target - either clearance or ONE SPOT finds, about $11 for all of that stuff.  I also need to scrounge up some outdoor glasses or tumblers, and some weather proof utensils (maybe just plastic?) to complete the package.  

I've been waiting to jazz up our outdoor space, we spend tons of time out there now that it's summer.  I'm thinking of DIYing an outdoor rug as well.  Maybe something like this:

or this...

or this...I love a good stripe!

The DIY process seems fairly easy to do, and cheap.  I love cheap and easy!  No jokes;)

Anyways, I'll get working on all of that and get you some pictures!!  Happy Weekend!!!