February 26, 2012

Martha...She's at it again!

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Martha Stewart is cool.  I know I know, she went to jail and some people really loathe her,  but I am a fan.  I love her decor, I love her organization tips, I love her crafts, I just love Martha!  When I saw that Martha has a new line at Staples - I had to run over there and see it for myself.  Almost literally!  I found out about it last Thursday night late, and went after school on Friday.  This stuff is COOL!!

I tried creating my first mood board, it didn't work out very well.  One day, I'll have a fancy Apple laptop loaded with PhotoShop to do cool stuff like that.  I tired making one in Picasa, but I couldn't figure out how to get the photos I downloaded from the internet, uploaded into Picasa?  Only my camera photos show up.  So, then I tried fotoflexer...and came up with this,

So it's not perfect and I probably did it all wrong and after I took 3 hours trying to figure out a way to do it, I didn't feel like number and labeling everything!  LOL.  These are the pieces from the collection that I really love!

I had around $31 in Staples rewards and I also downloaded a coupon off the Staples website that was 30% off one Martha Stewart item!  There is usually a coupon on there so keep checking that site to see what it may be.  Here are the things that I bought - just laid out on my ottoman (no more mood boards for me today!!) I am so excited to use this stuff!

Naturally I got to work right away.  For months I've wanted to create a better "situation" for our mail.  It usually comes in the house and sits on the table for a week before we even look through it.  I didn't want it messing up my new little desk either.  So I figured out that I wanted a mail station on a wall somewhere.  These little blue hanging file folders from Marta fit perfectly on the small wall right inside our side door (which we use as our front door) to catch all that paper!  You also will see I bought a set of the sticky whiteboards - these come on and off surfaces very easily so no worrying about the wall and damage.

Here is another look from the kitchen...

We love it and our dining table has been less cluttered as of late - mission accomplished!

So then I wanted to clean up all the junk on our fridge, we had papers from Ashley's school and Christmas cards and menus and business cards just stuck up all over that thing with magnets.  It looked awful!  So I used this clear sticky hanging file (again it's safe for most surfaces) to catch all the little things to control the mess.  Most of the stuff on the fridge could be thrown away, but some important cards and my not pad and the dry erase marker for our weekly menu fit perfectly on here.  I also used the other sticky dry erase note here so that we can all write little love notes or important reminders to each other.  It makes life fun;)

The little blue notebook I bought to record all my ideas for blog/house/decor/projects in.  I have the one notebook that I am keeping for color inspiration, but this little guy is so pretty he gets to say out in the open on our new desk.

See him sitting on top of my Decorate book (awesome ideas btw!).  Hanging out with him are my labels.  I bought the chalk labels and the kitchen labels. 

I have not used the labels anywhere yet but I have lots of ideas.  I want to switch out my set of flour, sugar, etc jars for nice clear ones, like these from Target.

                                               Heritage Hill Jar - 2-gal.

I can use the creamy labels with the red border on these to label them.  It'll look so pretty!  I can put them on our open shelves, whenever I get around to reno-ing the kitchen (probably spring break!).  My canisters now are so ugly, they are black and dirty from all the baking, they need a different spot in our home where flour can't stain them!

Oh and while I was fixing up our mail station and our fridge mess, I switched out the background to our menu planner - this one is pretty!  I love adding these aqua blue touches everywhere, its a good contrast color in our home.  For now at least.

So that was my fun evening organizing with Martha Stewart.  I highly suggest for anyone who loves organizing and what not to run to Staples and check out her new line.  It is lovely!

On that note, I'll leave you with what I'll be working on today....

Europe!!!  EEk!