February 15, 2012

Spray & Shelf

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I love spray paint.  I love that you can take a can of it, and completely change the look of something!  I took a spray paint break for a while - I did a lot with it over the summer but had to cut back;)

Now...well...there are SO MANY pretty colors of spray paint!  I went to Lowe's one night and went a little craaaazy...

So I bought a avocado limey color, a pretty beachy blue color, a deep navy color, and a tangerine type orange.  These pictures don't do much justice.  I need a new camera...complaint of the century.  These colors really speak to me and say, "Don't you love us?!?!"  I wanted a purple too - but I hated, no loathed, all the purples they had there.  I need to try Home D.  I haven't been back since the minor paint incident with them - I'm still annoyed but I'll get over it.  I'm not the type to complain, so boycotting them for a little bit makes me feel better.

Then after I bought the spray paints I went searching for things to unleash on.  These camel book ends came home from my family's lake house with me when we sold it (heart break).  My grandad had a million things in that house, and I am kicking myself for not bringing more home.  A house full of cook junk, that is what we gave up.  These camel book ends were ugly - just to be plain honest.  Ugly!

I gave them both a good scrub, and a little bit of a sand....

Then I sprayed them.  I learned fast that I should have primed them first.  Whoops!  I should know that!  It took about 6 or 7 coats to get them to the color I wanted and even then, they could use a few more coats.  The weather decided to get ugly the day I was spraying them so I had to stop and bring them inside!  I'll probably throw a few more on them in a few days...

Here they are on our bookcase in the main room of our townhouse...helping my Harry Potter books stand up tall.

A closer look.  They are a sweet greeny yellow color and I love the pop they put in the room.

Again, another look!  Aren't they pretty now?!

Another little spruce are these two "invisible" book cases that I put up.  I bought them from Barnes & Noble and they are way cool.

Those are my old travel books, another set of things I inherited from my grandfathers lake house, he traveled all over the world so many times and it's cool to have his old travel guides here with me now.  I thank him for my desire to GO places...plus these books are really old and cool.

The actual cases are these little metal shelves that you fit a book into after the shelve is put up.  The book almost completely hides the metal part and as you stack books on it, it disappears all together!  I love these.
Here's a shot of the whole side of that room - it's look a lot more layered and less matchy - success.  I need to figure out a curtain or valence situation - and definitely update those blinds.  Those windows need HELP!

Here are the packages the shelves came in.  I should have snapped a pic of them by themselves.  Oh well, live and learn...I also realized I either need a 3rd shelf or a need to lower the bottom one.  I underestimated how much room they would take up.

Another close up...one of my owls lives on the top one and on the other one is the jar from Honeydukes that we acquired from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - a nice touch for our London room;)

Those are a few spruces I've done this week!  It makes me feel productive.  One project at a time!!