February 1, 2012


That's me the past week!  Oh, I've been getting stuff done, but blogging?  Nada.  Last week I went to the DR and was diagnosed with a sinus infection (after 2 months of just plain sickness and not feeling well) which puts me to sleep by 10pm every night - so I have some time to do things but hardly the time to write about them!  Thankfully, after 6 days of an anti-biotic and getting some rest, I am feeling better!  Yipee!

What have I been up to?  So much!  My promised coupon post is coming soon, I am still taking pictures and getting things together, the draft is written I just need to add some things. 

I've been getting tons of ideas for our house lately.  I'm on this huge kick to mix things up.  A lot of our stuff is way to matchy - I am trying to layer color and pizazz in this place.  It's going to be so much work!  But fun, lots of fun.  Here was my first project, and it's still in progress.

This buffet used to live here on this wall.  I love this piece, it's big and beautiful.  But...its too big for this little wall.  I felt like it was too crowded, it needed room to breathe!  So we moved him to the basement where we are going to turn him into a cool bar for the man cave. 

I looked and looked and wondered what would be best to put in that spot.  Something smaller of course, and much easier to move around at Christmas (our tree goes here!).  I had been thinking of putting a small desk on this floor for a while, to hold all the stuff that usually goes on the table (mail, catalogs, etc) things that we need to sort.  Also a place for Ash to sit and do homework, or for me to sit and pay bills or blog or do the budget.  We found one that we liked at Target so we found the measurements and taped it out at home to see what it would look like:

You know that episode of Friends where Chandler and Monica move in together and she tapes out a space for his ugly chair?  That is what this makes me think of!  "Someone killed Square Man!" LOL.  Hey, at least we knew that it would fit perfectly.  Much better than that big honkin' buffet table.  It was so simple to put together.  I LOVE it here.  I need to buy some accessories and possibly some things to hold paper and organize stuff.  I think I'll mind less if this little desk is messy, then if our big dining room table is messy! 

It has a cool drawer that holds my laptop perfectly, with an opening in the back for the wire.  Plus, other space for other things.  Its perfect.

We've added a few other things to our home.  I posted  about some pillows for Clifford (our big red couch) to make him more swanky a few weeks ago - the 3 on the left are  from HomeGoods (LOVE THAT STORE) and the black one on the right is from Ross.  That is my latest pillow - I got that one on sale for $3.49!  Score!!!  I think the pillows and the couch are liking each other, everyone is getting along!  I had another pillow there from IKEA, but he didn't fit in, poor fella, so he found a new hang out in the basement.

Someone else came home with us.  You know how, if you are addicted to Pinterest like me, you pin things that you love and you hope that one day you can find them, or buy them, or make them...one day?  Well, I pinned these guys about a month ago:

Pinned Image

I thought they were so sweet and cute and I have this obsession with owls, even though a lot of people say they are creepy.  I don't think they are creepy!  Anyways I pinned them and then forgot about them and their cuteness until I found this guy!!!  At HomeGoods!!!  I bought him!!!  I didn't want those B&N ones because I don't need two (they are bookends) but this one was perfect for me.

He looks almost exactly like those Pinned owls!  He is so sweet.  Poor Dave, I was cradling this owl all through the store, agonizing over whether to buy it ($19.99) or leave him.  After 30 minutes Dave was just like, "Oh just buy him!"  LOL!

I still have to find a good spot for him.  I also have to stop buying owls.  We have too many now, and it's getting a little weird;)  I really don't think that I can have enough owls.  I saw so many at TJ Maxx tonight, I wanted to buy them all.  It's like they are little kittens and I want to bring them all home;)

Are you obsessed with anything that is getting out of hand?