February 26, 2012

It's the little things!

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One more Martha post!  As I said in my earlier post, I bought some nice labels from the Martha Stewart line at Staples. 

I swear I haven't been endorsed to talk this much about this stuff, I am just a nerd like that!  Tonight I bought two glass containers from Target so that I could take care of this mess:

We got these as a wedding gift from a family friend.  They are nice, but thing about them is that they are black, and the stuff we keep in them is white which = MESSY!  The flour always cakes itself all over the big one.  Actually, I wasn't even using the smaller two for anything.  That means it is time to re purpose these.  I still want to use them somewhere.  I'll find something cool to do with them.  They make our kitchen more junky than I want it to look.  Right now we keep them on top of our fridge since we have very limited space on our counters.  That will change when I add open shelves to the one empty wall in our little kitchen.  I envision it looking like so:

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We have little space just like that, where we can put open shelving and display some of our pretty stuff.  That is where I see these newbies going...

Here are the canisters with their new labels, and now it's time to fill them!

Aren't they so lovely?  Much lovelier than the black ones.  They will look even better with the walls are a bright yellow, the cabinets are white, and the counter tops are butcher block.   So much work to do!

There they are in the usual spot for now.  It's amazing how much difference this makes in our kitchen.  It's much less clutter-y, and that was the whole purpose!  Plus, I got rid of some things that weren't working up there - we didn't need those 4 canisters up there.  These two work just fine, it's the little things!