August 16, 2012

All in a day

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Yesterday morning, the main floor of our house looked like this...

By 7pm last night, it looked like this...

Ok, focus on the color, not the mess from painting...

I've been playing around with changing our main floor color for months.  It was that tan-ish brown when we moved it, with the 2 red accent walls...I wasn't crazy about the tan color.  It is really outdated.  I LOVE gray.  Love.  So this week, I decided to do something about it.  I didn't really commit to it until I started, and then I was like the energizer bunny.  It was a lot of work.  I (or we, Ash painted with me for a total of an hour, and Dave helped with some of the trim) took everything off the walls, moved furniture, spackled, sanded and cut in, and painted all of the tan walls, and repainted all of the trim at the base of the walls all yesterday.  I started around 7:30 am and painted all the walls with hardly any break, until 4pm.  Then Dave and I started back to it around 5:30 and painted/cleaned up the mess until 7:30.  Then we went to DuClaw because Dave had to remove me from the house to get me to eat (I scarfed down so much food last week when I was on the meds that I am scared to eat now!) and then when we got home we put most of the furniture back and I painted again until 11pm.  Good thing I like painting!

The 2 red accent walls are gonna go too - I have some fun things planned for one of them - can't wait to repaint it and show it to you!  Our gray color is called "Secret Passage" which is so fun because when I was a kid at our lake house (sniff) I used to hide in the secret passage under the stairs.  It's a beautiful color, I think it is honesty the perfect gray.  Really dreamy.  Oh and the red couch, Clifford, he looks great with the gray!  Our yellow kitchen is beautiful with it too.  I can't wait to add stuff to the walls again.  I'm excited about the color palette I've chosen, its for the whole downstairs and it is so fun!  With gray the main color, I'm going to use a combo of red (obviously), and a bright blue.  I love the combo of a cherry red with a bright oceany blue.  Then I'll add some yellow and green accents.  Our kitchen is yellow so that will tie well, and red is an accent color in there, green too, as well as some warm wood tones. 

I still have a lot to do.  There are some dings I need to go over again, I need to re paint our doors, and paint the red walls, and then do the stairwell which will be the some gray on the top and bead board on the bottom.  Then I have to paint/replace some of the furniture, its way too matchy matchy and I want layers of color.  Lots to do.  Only 5 days of summer vacay left.  More pics to come as it comes more together!

Why do I do this to myself?  Oh that's right, because I LOVE working on our house and making it pretty!