August 14, 2012

Charge me up!

Pin It! 

I'm obsessed with Pinterest.  If you know me, you know that.  Heck, you probably are obsessed too!  I pin dozens of things every day.  I'm so annoyed with myself that I never DO anything about it.  So here I am, DOING something!

When we went to Europe, I took my beside Iphone charger with us.  Dave got it for me for Christmas, it was just a little one, but it charged my phone and could keep it on my nightstand, it was perfect for my needs.  It had the ability to amplify my music, but I NEVER used it for that.  Not once!  Anyways, in the  course of traveling from France to Italy, I guess my suitcase got beaten and battered by those stupid airline people, and it was destroyed.  I opened my suitcase and the thing was in pieces, even though I wrapped it in a shirt and put it in the very middle of the case.  Seriously, nothing is safe! 

Since we've been home, I've been phone-charger-less.  I looked on Amazon, and at Target, for a iHome or something besides the little iPhone cord, to charge my phone.  I like one that stands it upright. 

Then, AHA!!  I remembered I PINNED something that was a phone charger!  It is a book, cut up and parading around as a docking station.  This is that pin...genius...

                                         Project 1

So I set off to create one.  Now, the one I made is temporary, because it's a paper back.  I do not have one single hard back book that I am OK with taking an exacto knife to.  So next time I'm at Goodwill or a Thrift store, I'll do it again and update the post!

This is such a great idea!!!  I was going to spend over $50 on a docking station, and this one I made is F-R-E-E!!!  Genius and thrifty!

Here are the materials I used.  Actually, I didn't use the drill, that would be for a hard back, but since I didn't have one...I picked this copy of "Return of the King" because it's one of my favorite books, and it is a duplicate copy.  So I didn't need this one and was going to give it to Goodwill anyways.  This is what I call my practice dock, it was good to get the feel for making one so that when I get a pretty hard book to use, I'll know what I am doing;)

I forgot to take pics of the process, I'll do that next time.  Here it is all done!

 It was a messy process!  Paper every where.  JRRT is probably rolling in his grave, lol.  Here is a shot of the well I cut to house the cord.  See?  This book is really old and messy!  Remember to make sure you put the front of the charger thingy facing the front, or...actually in this case, its the back or the spine, of your new charger.  You the iPhone faces the spine as it charges.  You don't want to see the pages and the hole you gut!

Here it is on my nightstand in all it's charging glory!  How exciting!  It charges it and holds it up and everything.  It's just a wee bit flimsy though, a problem that will be easily fixed with a hard back book.

Isn't it adorbs?  I was so excited, I kept plugging and unplugging Phoebe (my iPhone) just for fun!

 I'm so proud of myself for actually doing something about a pin too.  Yipee! 

Enjoy!  Maybe I'll be back this week with a new pic;)