August 6, 2012

That was a nice day!

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Today was a much needed, low drama day:)   Nothing huge to write about or report, but life was good in a way that we could enjoy and appreciate today!  Sort of like a stay-cation.  We were going to go to the beach with Ashley at some point after our big Europe trip, but life (when I say life, I mean flooded basements, contractors/waterproofers/HOA drama, UTIs, allergic reactions, unforeseen financial stuff, deciding to send Ash to her $ private school one more year, etc) happened and it doesn't look like we'll get away on a formal family vacation until fall or winter.  So, today, being one of the only days we were all here and really didn't have anything official to do, we decided to do something fun. 

My lovely bro and sis in law (hey J&K!) have a pool and were nice enough to let us come up and swim today even when they weren't there.  So, trying to be in a "vacation" mind, this morning I woke up and made a big breakfast, biscuits and gravy and eggs.  Just like we were on vacation!  Yum! 

PS You may notice me talk about food A LOT in the next few days, the meds I am on give me such a huge appetite and the major munchies, it's terrible!  I've been cooking and baking and shopping and oy...I'm trying to exercise a lot, to off-set it.  I've actually decided to stop taking them all because last night I woke up with such intense hunger, I couldn't get full or get back to sleep, it was bad.  Goodbye meds, I'm better, I don't need you!! Ok sidebar over...

After eating bfast and getting some morning things done, I packed up a cooler full of goodies and we headed over to my brother's house and had a lovely day swimming and sunning, just the 3 of us.  We swam for about 4 hours, just chilling and laughing and enjoying the day.  It was exactly the sort of day I wish could fill our summer, and I am determined to have a few more before school starts again in just 2 short weeks (how did THAT happen?) 

I even read through a design magazine!  It was awesome!  If you love home decor, and color, the Color Made Easy magazine at Lowe's is pure eye candy.

Honestly, go get it if you like this stuff.  You won't be sorry!! 

We stayed until maybe 5:30 - said a quick hello to my bro as he came home from work, and then whisked home for dinner.  I had 2 hungry "kids" by then, I was actually in control of my med-made-munchies at this point but I was alone in my content to stay all hours in the water and glorious late afternoon glow.  When Ash wants to leave a pool to eat, that's a big sign;)  On our way up to the pool earlier, we stopped at the Wilson's market for corn and fresh veggies, and we had crabs waiting in our fridge from my MIL.  I guess they were calling us home!

It was such a nice evening to sit outside too!  Lately, all the nice nights have been when Dave has had to work, or I couldn't go outside, or something, but tonight the stars aligned, if only for a little while, so that we could have dinner on our deck!  Look at how pretty those crabs are...this pic is so cute, I didn't stage it at all, I swear!  The crossword and all, it's hilarious!

Here are Dave & Ashley, all happy to be eating that yumminess.  Yes, we have crabs, corn, hot dogs, burgers, grilled onions, the whole she-bang!

Oh, Did ya catch my "only for a little while" up there?  Yes, well, all good things come to an end.  We were having our very nice dinner together, on a perfect summer evening, when Ash looked down to her left and said - UM.  We didn't know how loaded that UM was!!  She was so calm, but very loud.  In the chair next to her, you can sorta see it in the pic above with the white towel on it, there was a bee's nest the size of my fist just dangling off of it.  Right next to Ashley's leg.  With at least a dozen bees just buzzing around.  YIKES!  That effectively ended our nice night on the deck.  LOL.  Thankfully, we sprayed and dispatched of the nest and no one was hurt.  We recouped with dessert (Snowballs for them, Berger cookies for me) and Harry Potter 1. 

That was a nice day.  Isn't lovely when you can say that?  Thank you Jesus, for a nice day!