August 12, 2012

Up and coming!

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My blog is getting a new look!  I'm working with someone on a CUSTOM design.  Doesn't that make me sound fancy?  For the first time, this old bliggity blog made me some (a very small amount) of money, so I am investing it back into this babe and getting a nice new look.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!

BTW, isn't it a lovely day out today?  I love the days that I can sit on my deck and drink coffee and hear summery sounds.  It makes my day THAT much better!

I'll be swimming all day with Ash, my parents, and Jonathan & Krystal.  Dave worked last night like a champ so he has to sleep all day - boo!  He has tonight off though, that is good!  Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

I know I will...

Has a cookbook ever changed your life?  Just a question?  ;)