October 29, 2013

Grim grinning Blands come out to socialize!

Do you know that song?  It's a Disney one, of course!  It is from the Haunted Mansion:)

We LOVE Halloween around here.  Well, we actually love all holidays, it gives us a chance to celebrate life and spend time together and we are crazy about that stuff.  Dave & I have been ready for Halloween ever since our adults-only trip to Disney a few weeks ago, where we attended our first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.  Man on man was it fun!  Just look at those smiles...

We didn't dress up, but we did buy the party-goer-only tee shirt for 2013.  I would have dressed up, but Dave felt silly doing so since we didn't have Ashley with us.  I guess we would have look like two adult dorks all dressed up at Magic Kingdom.  Except everyone else did it;)  

When we got home, I meant to decorate for Halloween right away, but we only got around to it this past Sunday.  Better late than never, right?  We strung up our lights and such...

We positioned our tombstones and hung the spider webs {sans spiders, Tina does.not.like spiders!} and these cute little signs from the ONE SPOT at Target that say "Eat Locals" and "Bummer" with a little girl whose candy bag ripped.  They crack me up every time I see them!

Can you believe our flowers are still in bloom?  I must say, I love perennials.  I'm never going back.  Those babies are tough and they last AND they come back!

Here is a non-crooked pic of the house, all spooked up.  I need a better camera, I tell you!

The lights look awesome at night...see?

SPOOKY!!  I enjoy how the tombstones cast creepy shadows on our front deck fence.  Awesome effect.

So then last night we went out to get our pumpkins for our yearly tradition of carving.  We love to go to the corn maze too, but this year AND last year we haven't been able to make it work:/  We are too busy, there is way too much going on!

Ashley is hard at work on hers.  I got all our templates from here.  Yes, they are all Disney ones.  We really love Disney.  No, really.  We are planning our spring break trip.  It's NOT soon enough?  Get it?  I.must.have.Disney!!!  We are going to end up moving there soon.  Sooner than soon.  Just you wait!

My pumpkin is Rapunzel of course, because Tangled is actually one of my favorite movies.  I know, you don't have to tell me that I am so weird.  I already know it.  Thanks;)

Dave said, "Take my picture!  I'm working very hard here!!!" and he was, it took him an hour to do his!

There is mine all lit up, I really love how it turned out!

Ashley did Mike W from Monsters, Inc.  Isn't he cute?

Dave did a vampire Mickey.  We love vampires over here too.  Especially the sparkly kind;)

I love our little carving tradition.  We've been doing this for years, ever since Dave & I started dating so I believe this makes these our 7th pumpkins together?  Crazy...

Ashley has a Trunk or Treat event with the youth group at Mountain tonight.  She is going as Boo from Monsters, Inc (yes...a Disney character!) isn't she so cute?  Way too grown up in my opinion.  It needs to stop!

We are still debating on what to do for Halloween.  We told Ashley she can have some friends over to dress up and hand out candy and go get candy and probably watch a scary movie.  They want to watch the Conjuring.  I'm scared just thinking about it.  Dave told me yesterday he wants to dress up, and I am totally down with that but don't want to spend any money.  So we will see what happens!

Does your family have any fun Fall traditions?  What are you doing for Halloween?

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