October 25, 2013

Pumpkins, pots and posies

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Ok yes, I've been a little quiet this week.  It may be because the week started out AWESOME in Disney World.  It also may be because I was deathly ill for the rest of the week.  But let's not get hung up on those details;)

A few weeks ago I wanted to jazz up the deck in a fallish way, so I bought some flowers...

Aren't they pretty?  I know I know, they are not posies.  The title just worked, ok? Also, there was a project that involved this... 

I have all these plastic flower pots, and they were all different colors.  Kind of annoying.  So you know me, I broke out the spray paint and voila!  They are all the same color!

Sorry the pics were taken at dusk, so they aren't great.

Since these are outdoor items, and will weather the weather {haha} I wanted to put a protective coating on them.  So I sprayed them with this.  I had this already.  But, I had to go out for more Aubergine purple spray paint.  Dang it!

I wanted to make stands out of these, so I flipped one over and glued it to the bottom of another one.  They make a great stand.  Love it!  Then I planted the mums.  Again, sorry about the dark pics.

Ah yes, the pumpkins!!!  I was on a roll that night, so I dove right into another project.  I thought it would be fun to paint a few pumpkins that I picked up at Home D when I had to go get the other can of spray paint;)

I used these fun sponge brushes that I had laying around.  They are perfect for making polka dots!!  It was so fun and easy!!

For the other one, I did a free hand chevron zig zag type deal.  It was a white pumpkin and I used some pretty blue paint from Ashley's room redo.  So sweet!

Here is a better pic of some of the flowers and the pumpkins.  It's a fun fall update that makes me smile every time I walk outside.

I'm not sure if our Halloween decor will make it up this year.  It's made it out of the attic, but that's as far as it goes!

How are you decorating for fall?