October 13, 2013

Weekend Update 10/13

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Howdy!  How was your weekend?  Mine was ok...quiet really, which is nice.  We have a busy weekend coming up since we are going to Disney for 3 days for the Food & Wine festival, so we took this opportunity to stay in more than we usually do.  I've been sorta out of it lately, with all the stress and worry about things that really don't matter, so it was good to be a hermit this weekend to try to shake all that off.  I'll get through it:)

We spent the day yesterday afternoon at Towson Town and IKEA and HomeGoods.  There were a few random things we needed for the house, so we went in search for them.  We started at Crate and Barrel, where Dave found these chairs that he loved.  They were ridiculously huge!

I had to say NO to those, lol.  What on earth would we do with those huge things?  Oy!  Anyways, we wandered around C&B dreaming about buying everything, bought a few things, then headed to Pottery Barn and Sur la Table.  We made our way to White Marsh, stopping for nachos at Red Brick Station, and then spent a good bit in IKEA looking and dreaming some more.  Our last stop was HomeGoods which is easily one of my favorite stores.

After that long afternoon we unpacked our spoils...

I know, totally random things right?  I needed more RIBBA frames for some art and projects, and that fabric basket is for our 1st floor to put our shoes and random things that usually land on the floor and therefore drive me crazy {I'm weirdly OCD about random stuff on my floors!} and we got a few other odds and ends that were fun.

At C&B I bought these little canisters for my salt & pepper that I use to cook with.  I wanted jars like the chefs on food network use, so I can open them up and use a pinch or two as needed when I am cooking.

Aren't they cute?  They were only a few bucks each, and I am happy I bought them.  I love things that I can write with chalk on!

Speaking of, I also bought this acacia utensil holder at Target from the clearance racks, it cost $4.48 and I am using it to hold our tea.  Don't you love what I wrote on it?  The other side that I didn't snap a pic of says "Fancy a cup?"  So cute!  Downton fans will understand.  Those are sugar cubes that I store in a mason jar.  Don't mason jars make everything look so pretty?


I'm not sure if you can see it very well but in this pic below, on the left of the bottom shelf is my new honey pot from C&B.  I've been using honey in a lot more of my recipes and it is a PAIN to pour honey and not make a huge mess.  So I picked up this cute honey pot for a few dollars.  Life has been made easier all ready.  I like putting honey in my tea too...

When I was at Target I was tempted to by some of this art, like the one piece on the bottom that says INSPIRE CREATE ACHIEVE.  One of my next projects is to jazz up my office space a little bit here at the house, so that I am motivated to write, to create, to do...so I think I may steal that art idea and DIY something.  I love the bike art that says "Enjoy the Ride" too.  Isn't that what life should be all about?  Enjoying the ride??  Yes, my stressed out self needs to remember that, so I may DIY art like that too;)  There were some other cute things that that I snapped photos of thinking, "I could totally make that."  Now...let's see if I actually do!

I'm busy setting up my porch and Halloween decor, so I'll be sharing all of that with you this week!  I hope this week goes well, I have a lot to do but it's a short week, and next weekend I'll be visiting the most magical place on earth for three blessed days with Dave.  I can't wait!!!

Are you decorating for fall?  Or maybe finding fun little things for your house to jazz it up or make things easier?