October 2, 2013

Teen Tile Style

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Isn't it hard to keep your kids or teens organized?  It's hard enough keeping myself straight, but to be responsible for the plans and sanity of another human being is pretty crazy.  As Ashley gets older, we want her to be more aware and responsible, as well as in control, of her life.  That's why we did this...

There are a few spaces on Ash's walls of her lovely redecorated room that are bare.  I was trying to think of what to put in these spots that would be fun and practical for her.  She really loved the same systems that I love from Pottery Barn, but to buy it all would have cost me about $120!!!

They are cute, but I can't fathom spending that much money, when there are better options out there.  So, I went to JoAnn's, armed with a whole bunch of coupons (I had 3 different 40% off coupons, plus a 15% off an entire order, and they let me use them all!) and I found these.

Each piece was 7.99, plus I bought a set of colorful dry erase markers for her to use.  The total of them all was around $25, but then with all my coupons I spent more like $15.   I came home and got to work.  The cork boards could be attached to the walls with Command strips, while the magnetic calendar and white board {blue, actually} had to be attached with screws.  Overall it didn't take me that long to put it all up there, maybe 30 minutes?  With the one cork board, I wanted to make it pretty so I bought really sweet ribbon and crisscrossed it up on there.

The colors match her room, and her style, perfectly.  Now she can stick all her fun pictures up in there:)  I like using the white board to remind her of her chores and responsibilities.  I'm fairly certain she wipes it off as soon as she gets back to her room, lol.

I guess that one is more for me than her;)  She's already filled up her calendar with all the fun this she is doing this month {PS, it's her first high school homecoming!!  EEK!} so I think it's useful for her to see her month all planned out.  I'm always trying to encourage her to keep her plans and days straight.  She's a busy kid!

I'm happy that I found a similar system for her, but at a fraction of the cost.  It fills up some of the empty wall space in her room, too.

So now she has her own calendar to fill out and keep up with for her personal events, while we have our family one downstairs that Dave & I fill out and keep track of.  Everyone is going to be so organized around here when it comes to planning and remembering important things!  Yipee!!