October 6, 2013

Just say no to brass

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I've said this before but I will say it again.  I really loathe the standard brass fixtures that builders loved so much in the 80's and 90's.  I can't imagine why anyone would think that they look good?  I'm constantly battling brass in my house.  I spray painted the 1st floor door handles oil rubbed bronze last year.   I switched Ashley's bedroom door handles with pretty nickle type ones.  Throughout the past three years in this house, Dave and I lamented about these.  Be prepared...they are gross...

These things are just about the ugliest outdoor lights ever.  Ever.  And yes, those are dead stink bug carcasses in there.  Not only are they ugly, but they allow dead bugs to accumulate like snow in them.   Yuck.

Something had to be done!  Every time we looked at them, we talked about how much we hated them. Repainting them wasn't even an option for me, because of all those dead bugs.  I wanted them in the trash can, pronto!

We found ourselves at Lowe's for another reason over the summer, I can't remember what that reason was at them moment, but we happened upon the outdoor fixture aisle and remembered, "We must get rid of those disgusting lights!"  So we hemmed and hawed and finally decided on these.

I love the lantern look of them, so vintage but also a little industrial, and of course they are oil rubbed bronze which I enjoy in a fixture!

Dave so bravely volunteered to take those gross old ones down, and install the new ones.  When you do things like this, PUH-lease turn off your electricity.  We shut off the whole house, just to be safe.  Our electrical outlets are always wonky, and it's better to be safe than sorry.  As in electrocuted!

He had some hard times, but with the help of his smart wife, he finally figured it out and used his manly strength to put those things in their place.  It involved a little twisting of metal to get them attached, but he did it in the end!  My fixture hero!

I love them so much.  I hate the old ones so much.  This are perfect!

They make me think of Colonial Williamsburg.  Or Boston.  I'm just not sure why, but I roll with it!

Such a better sight then the bug filled grossness.  I am happy with how lovely our outdoor space has been looking lately!  Here is an updated shot of it all.

The cart and the outdoor rug are holding up very nicely!  Today I am planning on buying some fall flowers and some other fall-ish things to decorate out there, it's been so nice in the evenings lately that we love sitting out and enjoying the space.

Have a blessed Sunday!!!