May 8, 2011

Bella Tuscany - how I need to visit you!!

I finished this wonderful book by Frances Mayes yesterday.  I'm considerably slower these days at reading!!  Oh well...maybe its that I am busy, maybe it's that my age of 30 is catching up to me, but I can't speed through all books anymore!

This book was just lovely.  Frances talks about her time in Tuscany throughout spring and summer, and some more time after that, with her hubby as they continue to live and remodel and garden at Bramasole.  I'm telling you, the movie Under the Tuscan Sun is NOTHING like the books!  It's so delightful reading about homemade pasta and lemon trees and oh-so-much wine, it makes me what to drop everything in life except my family and travel, speak and cook Italian!!  Its a nice, lazy summer read.  My only complaint is that, while it's such a good book and so fun to read about all things Italian, it's a little slow going reading through it all.  I wasn't jumping at every chance I could to read it.  And it made me hungry....for carbs, every time I picked it up;)  Its a GREAT book dont get me wrong, I recommend it...I give it a:

Ah Italy....I hope I can go one day.  Soon.  I just want to travel the wine country with Dave, tasting and basking in glorious Italian sun and fun.  One day....

Moving on...Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend.  I went to my parents yesterday to help mom ready the house for guests and a rehearsal dinner next weekend.  My brother is getting married next Sunday, and we are all so excited!  We went over there and helped clean and garden, and Krystal (the bride) & I finished her wedding favors.  It was such a nice day and fun being together.  Poor Dave had to work and miss the fun.  We took Frodo over and they brought their cat Rudy over, and we had a kitty face off:

Frodo (left) loved his cousin Rudy, but Rudy wasn't so sure of Frodo.  Frodo was a pesky little thing, following Rudy around all day.  It was cute watching them though.   Man, we really need to have babies...this love for our cats is becoming ridiculous;)

Today we are spending time with Dave's mom after he wakes up (from working all night).  I'm trying to clean and get things done.  I've hurt my foot somehow so I'm going sloooow today!!

I'm also starting book 2 for May:  The Mysterious Benedict Society & the Prisoner's Dilemma.  This is the 3rd and maybe final (??) book in the Benedict series.  I'm excited to read it, I loved the first two!! 

That's all for now!  Have a blessed, beautiful Sunday!