May 18, 2011

It's been a while.....

It's been a busy busy month!!!! 

First of all - congrats to my brother Jonathan, and his new wife Krystal!  They got married on Sunday night in a beauitful ceremony that we thought would be all rain but it was SO perfect out!!!  Here is a lovely pic:

I'd have more but I lost my camera at the reception - we left without it in the family limo:(  It'll turn up and I'll add more...

I'm catching up on my fave blogs today, and one of my most favoritest (??) is giving away a SILHOUETTE!!  I'm dying to win one of these because they are so  darn expensive!!  iHeart Organizing is doing the giveaway so go on over and compete with me for this awesome machine.  Seriously...the stuff I could create with this thing is ridiculous! 

Anyways, I'll have another post later to review my latest book.  I'm slacking, I know!!  Life has been so busy!  But after Friday, I'm a house wife again for the I'll have LOTS of time to catch up:)