May 26, 2011

Honeymoon and such...

Well, no this is not about my Honeymoon!  LOL!!!  Actually, maybe I'll slip some honeymoon in here to brighten the post later!

Anyways, I finished Honeymoon by James Patterson:

Oh was this a chilllllller!!!  It's about dear Nora Sinclair.  Beautiful, rich, loving....murderer!!!  This lady has got it out for men, so beware!  When an FBI agent gets on her tail, he finds it hard to look past the good and see the...well...seriously evil!  Its a GOOD read, you'll want to finish it, maybe with a whole body shudder!

My next book will be Water for Elephants.  I know I know, the movie is out and I do intend to see it but only after I read it. I don't like seeing movies before reading books.  Some people say that it ruins the movie, I think the other way around lol!  It ruins the book!  Since the book usually always comes first, I like to read the story in it's entirety before seeing the dumbed down version in a movie.  Sorry, I really love movies - I really do, but when it's competition between book and movie, the book always wins in my book!!  Ok that was cheesy!

I've been working a lot for my mom this week, so I really have not done a lot in our house to boast of here on my bliggity blog - but I promise I have some really fun ideas brewing. Also more on the home decor front - I'm getting tons of inspiration from Pinterest!!  I'll be picking a paint soon for our kitchen, and redoing the cabinets.

I want to make fun things to put in our home and make it more..."us".  So more on that later!  In the mean time, I'll be helping my momma get their house redecorating and renovated.  I'll post pics of it soon, because it will be going up for sale if anyone is interested in buying a 4 bedroom single family home right in the middle of Bel Air:)

That's all for now.  Hope everyone is having a pleasant evening!!  Oh and as I promised...a happy photo to leave you with - taken last summer on our honeymoon in Punta Cana:)