May 18, 2011

Mysterious Book:)

I finished the 3rd Mysterious Benedict Book:

What can I say?  These books are just so darn cute.  I loved it of course.  I give it a

Just like the first two:)  These books are so much fun to read, the children in them are adorable and admirable - these are just great great books for kids and teens, good moral stories about fighting off evil and doing what is right. So cute!

Now I am on to The Honeymoon by James Patterson...something a little darker;)  I have about 2 weeks to finish MOST of my list this month.  Quite a goal, hopefully with work ending this week I'll have more time.  I am sad to be leaving my little post as School Counselor, and I'll miss my kiddos so much - but it'll be nice to be home and work on house projects and get everything more organized.  I have lots of goals for the house this summer and I'll be sharing all of them and updating them here!

Hopefully I'll be getting a full time position for next year as school counselor, no more of these long term thingys...though I don't mind them because its SOMETHING and it's giving me such great experience.  It all has to be for something, I think!?!?  More on that as I get more news....

Hope everyone is doing swell and is reading some fabulous books!!!  Do share with me what you are reading!