May 1, 2011

Au revoir April, Bonjour May!

I finished 7 books in April.  Not bad I guess, not great but not bad! 

I finished The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis.  This book is a weird exchange of letters between an "senior" demon and his "nephew" tempter-almost-full-time-demon about capturing the attention and soul of a British man who has become a Christian at the start of WWII.  It's an interesting read, the language is a little challenging at first but like all books this type, once you get into it you don't notice it much.  The letters talk about how the demons try to tempt humans and veer them away from God.  It's kinda creepy!  Definitely a good book for those who like reading about Heaven and Hell and all things spiritual.   I give it a....

And....All the books I read in April:)  I'll probably start taking my collective monthly book photo at the end of each month, since sometimes I change books!

Ok so it's not 10 - but I can't focus on that, I'm focusing on how much I AM reading, and how many different types of books I'm reading and all the fun things I am learning from them:)  I have no idea what my May books are yet.  The first one will be Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes.  I loved Under the Tuscan Sun (which, BTW, is NOTHING like the movie - book is WAY better!) and Bella Tuscany is the next book.  I'm starting on that one tonight.  More to come on May books later.  If you have some good ideas, leave me a comment!

This weekend is over already.  It goes by so fast as usual.  Today, Dave & I had my parents over for lunch.  We had jerk chicken and steak and a top round marinating in red wine and balsamic vinegar, with sides of baked potatoes, salad, grilled onions and grilled asparagus.  It was DE-lightful!  My dad help us decided what to do with our garden - we are just starting to tackle it. We pulled up/dug up four huge ugly tangly bushes.  Dad helped us dream up what to plant and we all went to Home Depot together to look at plants and flowers!  It's so fun planning our very own garden in our first home!  We bought some Gerbera daisies to put in planters for our deck...they were our wedding flowers so it's sentimental.  Pics to come of them.  Pics to come of the whole garden!

And last but not least - today marks 5 whole years that Dave & I have been together.  May 1, 2006 we started dating.  I can't believe it's been that long!!  I love him more everyday! 

I hope everyone had a very pleasant weekend:)