April 29, 2011

This is a perilous journey - trying to read 10 books;)

This series is seriously cute!!  I read the first one a few months ago - then in March I bought the whole set because I enjoyed it so much.  There are three altogether.  Perilous Journey is the second book.  The children set off on an adventure set up by their friend and mentor, Mr Benedict, only to learn he has been kidnapped by his evil twin brother Mr Curtain.  I enjoy reading books that have a good moral lesson for children - this book is one - good triumphs over evil but with lots of obstacles and learning along the way.  This book is definitely considered Kidlit, which you all know by now that I love!!  It's perfect for your young readers Grades 4 and up (probably...I'm not a teacher so I really dont know reading levels well!) I give it a 4:

If you need to know how I rate my books, scroll to the bottom of my blog and there's a little book "key" that explains my rating system.  Most of my books lately have been a 4 or 5!

So...this was only book 6 for April.  I'm not going to be able to read 10 this month!  I'm on 7 now (The Screwtape Letters, which is way short) and I'll finish that one but that will probably be it.  April was a busy month for me - birthdays and getaways and shower and parties and cake pops - I just didnt find a lot of time to read.  Oh well, I am still going to keep my challenge and try harder next month!  Even though I get way busy or get sick, I still like have the challenge to motivate me.  I'm having such a wonderful time reading all these books!!!  So far this year I've read (almost) 37 books!  That's pretty crazy if ya ask me!  I love reading, so so much, so I'm having fun with it:)

I hope you all enjoy reading the blog!  I've had a few friends tell me lately that they are reading it (Hi Sherre!  Hi Katie Mac!!) it warms my heart to know you guys are taking time out of your busy lives to learn about my boring one - I hope it's entertaining at least sometimes...

Now I'm off to read some more, maybe finish the next book - I guess I could start book 8 for April...and just finish it this weekend. We'll see, I'm not beating myself up about it.   Stuff happens, right!?!?

Happy Weekend everyone!!!  Please, give me ideas for books to read - I need 8 more months worth:)