April 8, 2011

Catching Fire....

Before I review Catching Fire: Book 2 of Hunger Games, I need to review Book 1 officially.

Last week I made this Book 1 of April, since I was trying something new out of it and I like to have at least 1 cookbook on my list a month where I find a new recipe:

I give this book a 4. 

Its awesome!  I love making these cake pops, there are so many options of pops to make, I am going to do them again and again until I have all sorts of designs, maybe even open an Etsy shop selling my own?  We'll see....but the possibilities are endless with these tasty treats!  I recommend it if you love baking and love being creative.  Its a craft that you can eat.  How awesome is that??

Now for Book 2 on the April list:

This book gets a 5!

I did not want to put this one down!!  Just like the first one - but this time I made myself.  Since I am trying to Be Healthy this month, I couldn't stay up all hours of the night reading it.  But that was really hard.  Sleeping.  Going to work.  Not when there was such a good book to finish (one of the benefits of being a housewife in the winter...I could read right through a book in a day, no problem)!  Katniss' story continues and I can't even say what happens because if you haven't read the first book, it would just ruin it.  Read this series.  It's amazing!  I love love love it!  No, not as much as Harry Potter - but its right up there with Twilight fighting for my number 2 favorite series;)  I don't think it'll beat Twilight in that fight, but it's close!  LOL.  Book beating humor....what a dork;)

So tonight I am moving on to Book 3 (making up for lost time!) for April which happens to be Book 3 in the Hunger Games (last book) called Mockingjay.  I am sure that book will be done by Sunday, if not tomorrow.  It's the weekend and it's raining and I don't mind curling up on my couch and reading as much as my heart desires, with breaks for food, maybe some sleep, def some cleaning and cake popping;)

I've got some projects brewing for this weekend too, I'm hoping to get a few fun things done around the house so be on the look out, TeeBCrafty this weekend;) Have a pleasant Friday evening!