April 12, 2011

I'm done the 3rd book of April!!!  Mockingjay...

The last book in the Hunger Games Series.  It was so sooo soooooo good.  All three of them.  Yes, they are Young Adult Lit, but its so grown up too - I know adults will love these books just as much!  This last installment of Katniss is all about the rebels (Katniss & friends) trying to over throw the evil Capital.  Some of it is heartbreaking, some of it is awesome.  Its really awesome!

I like Katniss, her character is very real, and very flawed.  I really enjoyed how Suzanne wrote her, if that makes sense.  A typical teenager, with way too much of the world on her shoulders, who messes up constantly and is seen by the people in a light she doesn't understand.  The personality of the "capital" astonished me, until I realized that's how the world is today.  People glorify things and people who really shouldn't be given any sorts of praise (um...I'm talking to YOU Charlie Sheen, Sookie, etc) and materialistic things instead of people who do good and matter to life in the world.

Anyways, I give this book a 5 obviously,

Please read it and tell me what you think, or tell me how you liked it!

Off to work I go.....