April 2, 2011

Happy April!!! Where is Spring?

I don't know about you guys, but here in MD it's frigid and cold and rainy and basically just miserable!  I'm reading for Spring!  I'm ready to work in our garden for the first time!!!  We moved in last year at the end of May, and got married in June and really couldn't work on the garden until July - which at that point it was like, why even bother?  I want my world to look like this:


Flowery and beautiful!!!  Maybe on of my books needs to be something on gardening this month?  I don't know, lets see where I'm at!

My preliminary April 10 is looking like this so far:
1.  Catching Fire, Collins (Book 2 of HG)
2.  Mockingjay, Collins (Book 2 of HG)
3.  No Plot, No Problem, Baty (How to write a novel)
4.  Bella Tuscany, Myers (Bio of sorts)
5.  The Host, Meyers (writer of Twilght)
6.  Screwtape Letters, Lewis (Spiritual)
7.  Maybe this Time, Crusie (chicklit)
8.  Cake Pops, Bakerella (cookbook) specifically the Bride and Groom pops
9.  Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, Stewart (more kidlit, I'm obsessed)
10.  Pioneer Woman, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, Drummond (bio, chicklit, love story)

I've got a lot of kidlit and YAlit on my list this month, but that's ok.  I'm really excited about reading all of these!!  I may switch out one or two if I find a garden book or a cook book or something that I like.  I can always read some of these in May.  I've ordered some of these books because I want to own them, they should be arriving Monday or Tuesday.  I'll do a photo shoot of them all when they get here.

Later I'll post my Happiness Project goals for April.  This month is all about Being Healthy.  Let me tell you, I started out REALLY great by pigging out on junk food last night with a friend - watching Tangled (see?  I'm SUCH a kid!) and eating chocolate cake and cheese curls and candy, lol.  "Everything in moderation" so no more pigging out this month!!  Today I am working at my parents house stripping wall paper, sanding and painting - its a good work out.  Anyways, will post more about the HP later on today:)

Happy Saturday!