April 22, 2011

Totally redeeming myself....

After getting NOTHING done over the past two weeks, I am proud to say I've been getting soooo much done.  I miss staying at home, I need to be a homemaker - which I'd never thought I'd want to do!!!  Is that what marriage does to women?  I want to be all domestic and 50's like...it's so weird. 

Anyways, I've cleaned my downstairs for the most part - I still need to do the baseboards and the walls and a few of the windows, but the floors and all the surfaces and the kitchen is clean and the clutter that has built up is gone. 

Last night I made dinner and cookies, and they turned out so lovely, see:

I also started working on the "launch pad" table for our foyer, and it's looking good.  I can't wait to finish it (tonight) and set it up so I can start hanging the cute little city plates up and our "B" for Bland, its going to be so cute! 

I also when shopping today, yay!!  I don't shop for me much, as in clothes and girly stuff.  But Dave & I decided that this pay we would spend a little bit on us.  I needed NICE clothes, stuff to wear to work and church and out, some of my work clothes are years old and are old and don't fit right, they need to be thrown away.  So this am I hopped in the car all by myself and went to the Lancaster Outlets.  Dave had to sleep all day, and honestly I love shopping alone, because I don't have to worry about someone waiting on me or wanting me to hurry up - I can take my time and do my own thing.  It was so fun!  I went to Gap and Banana and got a LOT of stuff for under $130.  Then I came back and went to Kohl's and bought a cute dress for $21 thanks to a coupon:)

I even helped mom out yesterday for a few hours, we demo'd the sink in their bathroom, it was a learning experience and really fun.  Now I can know out our sink/countertop when we re-do our bathroom instead of paying someone $1000 to do it!  Wooo!

Tonight we were supposed to be at the O's game in Baltimore, we drove down there and ate at Pickles Pub, went into the stadium only to learn the game was postponed because of rain.  Boooo.  It's ok though, we automatically get to go to the make up, and hopefully it'll be a nicer, warmer, sunnier day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break/Easter Weekend!!  I know I am!  Remember the reason we get to celebrate this time of year...it's important:)