April 3, 2011

Cake Pops

Today I attempted to make cake pops again!  This isn't one of my April books, although now that I think of it, it should be!  I have never tried to make the bride and groom pops before, so it IS something new!  Maybe I will add this as a April book - I'd have to figure out what to bump until May....hmmmm

Anyways, this is the book, I got it for Christmas and have made one set of pops that were ok.  I get better with practice!!

Here are Bakerellas Bride and Grooms:

Hers are really cute - my dipping chocolate dried up before I could dip the grooms tuxes, so I improvised....

Here are mine:

These are practice pops, but I have two showers coming up that I have to make these for, I'll add ribbon to the final pops.  Aren't they cute??  Even though I didn't dip the grooms, they still look dapper, don't they?!?  These pops are chocolate cake mixed with fluffy white icing, dipped in white chocolate! 

I'm proud of myself:)  Practice makes perfect! 

I'm still working on Sense & Sensibility (from March) will prob finish that tonight and move on to April books finally!! I can't believe the weekend is over already, goes by so so fast...

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