April 20, 2011

Yes, I'm alive!!!

Oh man, its been a WEEK since I've posted last!  It's so sad!!

I've been so crazy busy, it's not even funny!!  I've been on ONE book for over a week because I haven't had any time to read - I havent cleaned my house or done laundry or done anything in the way of house projects.  Its bad!! 

It's spring break so I have 5 days off school.  Honestly, it's time for ME time....I've spent so much time on other people, doing things for other people, which is wonderful and fulfilling but everything happened all at once and I've had absolutely no time for me, to do things that I need to get done or want to get done (like reading...)

Of course..when I got home from work today instead of DOING things that need to be done, I made dinner and fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours.  Now I'm too sleepy to do anything.  Tomorrow, I've told my parents that I will help in their house more for a few hours...siiiiiiiggghhhhh, so my house stuff will have to work around it.  They need the help and hey, they pay me to help renovate so it's all good, its just hard for me to say no sometimes when I know people need the help. 

Honestly, I've had no time or motivation to stick to my April Happiness Goals.  So sad.  I havent been getting up to work out, I've neglected my food diary, and my one line journal.  I set myself up this month for failure by giving myself too much to remember!  I'd still like to do the Happiness Project, but this month should've been "Focus on others" because I'd be a winner on that one:)  So I'm tweeking my "Be Healthy" goals for April, even though it's almost over, to just working out - to do at least 10 minutes a day, no matter what it is:)  I can do that!  Sometimes we have to let ourselves fail to learn a lesson. 

So what's on the ME agenda for this break?  Here is my mile long TO DO list.  It won't all get done, but I plan on putting a good chip in it:

1.  Get hair cut
2.  Go shopping for some clothes (I need work clothes!) for every item I buy I get rid of something I dont      wear! 
3.  Start spring cleaning:
  • kitchen - clean floors, counters, appliances, walls, baseboard
  • first floor - clean floors, dust surfaces, wash windows, clean clutter, clean walls and baseboards
  • our bedroom - put winter clothes away, dust, vacuum, clean windows, baseboards, walls
  • vacuum upstairs
  • clean bathrooms, baseboards, mirrors, walls, counters and shower/bath
  • get clutter out
  • put stuff in attic (from room and basement)
4.  Work on "launch pad" new foyer table and hang pictures
5.  Finish books 4, 5, and 6..
6.  Work out!!
7.  Spend time with family and friends

That's my list so far, I'm sure there is more I want to do but can't think of right now.  I can't believe that April is going by so fast.  Does anyone else feel that way?  It'll be over next weekend?  How did that happen? 

Ok, game plan for tonight.  I'm going to start putting winter stuff away, getting summer stuff out, get rid of some more clothes, then take a nice hot bath, and then read until I fall asleep again.  Seeing as it's 10 pm I really cant launch a cleaning spree right now:) 

I've learned that two of my books are overdue at the library - so I may end up switching those out for two I have here - it's hard for me to keep up with library books during this busy month! 

More posts coming this weekend as I actually get stuff done thats blog worthy around here:)