April 12, 2011

A re-do or re-don't? Definitely a re-DO!

I have this IKEA chest that I bought a few years ago.  It's seen better days!  It's kinda beat up from moving twice with it, and a little dirty from its years with me.  See?

Please ignore the ugly carpet.  One day it'll be replaced!  Anyways, now the chest lives in my craft room (still organizing this room, its coming a long and really cute!) and for now I am keeping all the fabric I own for sewing projects (I have a lot, I'm not sure what to do with it all) inside of it.  I wanted to make it cute, but it was hard because it was so beat up.

 I'm going with English Country Garden theme down here....with green and white being the main colors, but with yellows and pinks thrown in - really girly honestly, but in a cute way:)  So I bought some pretty green & white contact paper at the Dollar Store and tried a little something:

I covered the top with the paper!  I think it's really cute, plus it hides all that damage the poor thing sustained in being owned by me. The green looks a little bright in this pic, its more sage green then lime, I need to figure out how to edit my Iphone pics to look nice. 

So, altogether, this little fun decor project cost less than $1 (I didn't use the whole roll of contact paper).  Now I'm wondering what else I can remake with this paper!!!  Gotta love a cheap project!  Not to mention, it wasn't time consuming at all.

Have any of you used contact paper to re-make something?

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