June 4, 2013

10 truths


I have some truths for you today! I know, I know...you can't wait, right?!? Lets dig in...

1. You never grow out of hypochondria.  I still worry like a maniac after all the years.  Last week I had tests done that show a teeny tiny ovarian cyst that apparently is nothing to worry about.  Easier said than done! I need to write a will and up my life insurance...
2.  I'm in a weird place.  My whole life I have always fit in, everywhere.  Now I find myself in a place where I feel like I don't fit in anywhere.  I'm in my early 30's with no biological kids (By choice, we want to live a little bit, travel, grow up some more before popping out those babies!) BUT we have a teenager at the house most of the time. So I'm not in the young mom club nor the teenager mom club, I'm too old or too young.  I have nothing in common with most of the people around me.  Plus I'm a school counselor in an elementary school which is awesome but = lonely without a true team.  Thank The Lord for my husband and stepdaughter, and the cat, because without them I would just be talking to myself all the time!
3.  Jesus loves me dearly, even though I don't deserve it and even though I sit around pitying myself:)
4. Having a sense of humor is so important in life, it gives me the ability to laugh at myself when I pity myself;)
5.  People who love you make time for you, and vice versa.  
6.  Loyalty and consideration for others are seriously important to me in my old age.  I can be silly about a lot, but I am serious about those things.  
7. Summer is almost here and I can't wait.  I have all these plans and to do lists and I will only get a few  of them done, but it will be lovely and relaxing.  I do love working in a school!
8. Only 43 days left until we are in Disney again!
9. I'm a terrible blogger, but I still love doing it.
10. I want to go read now...