June 27, 2013

It keeps growing!

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The problem with productivity is that once you start cleaning things and getting things done around the house, more to-dos inevitably pop up.  So, although I've gotten quite a few things done on my Summer TO DO list, quite a few more things have been added.
It keeps growing and growing everyday!!!  I must say, though, that having this running to do list keeps me accountable.  If I find myself thinking, "hmmmm...I should get something done right now, but what should I do?!?!"  I run up to Toby (that's the name of our computer, Toby Mac) and pull up the to do list and pick one of the things.  Some are easy to do and cross off, others are bigger projects (closet organizers, I'm dreading that project!) or more abstract (i.e. write a few chapters of my book - I can't really cross that one off yet...maybe I need to be more specific on that one...)

Anyways, I'm loving the summer life of a bit of relaxing, a bit of shopping, a bit of sleeping, and bit of home diy productivity.  Even though my list keeps growing, I'll have a really good idea of what still needs to be done AND what I have accomplished to date.  It's a nice little boost to see that I've already crossed off 8 items!  Yipee!!!

I should also add "go to the gym A LOT" on there.  I just got back and boy oh boy was I NOT in the mood to work out today:/  I went though and survived to talk about it!  Now...what to get into tonight?  Read?  Organize the tools?  Write?  Hmmm...I'm loving the freedom.  I have to keep myself busy or I'll get sad, pathetic and lonely;)  I'm a work widow this week!