June 17, 2013

Summer once again

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I love my job because I get the summers off.  Besides the fact that I enjoy helping children, I chose my job BECAUSE I get summers off.  Really can't beat it!

This past week was our 3 year wedding anniversary.  Yes, cue the collective "awwwwww..."  I can't believe it's been 3 years already!  Feels like just yesterday!

Yes, that is me giving a victory punch with my bouquet;)  Anyways...Thursday was the actual day of our annivegaversary (Friends?  Anyone?) but it was a low key evening since I worked that day and the day after.   Tomorrow is the real date where we are doing something special that Dave planned and then going to eat at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore.  I can't wait!  He really outdid himself this time.  He got the crazy idea back in January to save up for a Tiffany & Co. gift card for me.  He kept it a secret the whole time, secretly pulling money out every check to save up.  On Thursday, he gave me a blue bag with a blue Tiffany's box inside and I flipped out.  Its waaaay too extravagant!  I'm going to have a good time picking out some jewelry tomorrow!!

We made a weekend out of the anniversary and Father's Day and went to OC (Ocean City, MD for those non-MD readers, its the beach of choice for most Marylanders!) for the day yesterday.  It was a great way to kick off my summer vacation.  We ended up down at the inlet, and the water was so blue, we could have been in the tropics.  Usually our water is dark and sometimes even murky.  Not yesterday!

It was a lovely, relaxing day together!

These are my toes, all sandy.  Look at that water!

Hello Summer!  Hello sun burn!

There is Dave's cheesy face.  What a hubs...

After the beach time we wandered up and down the boardwalk and rode my favorite Haunted House ride.  We stopped for a drink in a little Mexican place to shield ourselves from the sun, we were pretty burned.  Then we decided to hop over to a crab house for dinner before the 3+hour drive home.  We ended up at this off-the-path place called Crab Alley.  We wanted to go to Hoopers but WOW was the wait long, we didn't even stop because we could see the line out the door.  I'm glad we kept going, because I loved Crab Alley!  Yum!!  We actually had leftovers so I need to make crab soup tomorrow.

Today is Father's Day and we spent the afternoon and a good part of the evening at my parents.  Mom always makes her teriayki this day, and we skewer the meat and cook it on little grills out on the patio.  It's a family favorite!  It was good to spend time with my family!  The guys were watching the Open the whole time, being golf lovers and all, poor Phil...:/

So, my summer has officially begun!  I can't wrap my mind around the fact I don't have to get up to go anywhere tomorrow, or the next day...I love it!

Happy Summer everyone!