June 24, 2013

Gourmet Wannabes

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One thing that Dave & I enjoy doing together is cooking dinner.  Well, I guess I should say grilling dinner, because he is usually only involved if the grill is involved;)  That's not to say that he never cooks because every now and then if I am really busy or sick (and I get sick quite a bit!) then he steps up and cooks for us.  Usually, though, I am the one planning, shopping, and cooking!

Last night we decided to cook the nice steak I got from Wegman's on Saturday.  They have these really nice vacuum packed cuts.  They are usually a good size and always taste yummy no matter what marinade or seasoning we use.  Dave decided to make a dry rub to marinate it, and then a liquid rub to use while on the grill.  I can't tell you what he used because I don't know, but it was SO good!!

There he is, manning his new grill with the meat!

It doesn't look so big here, but it feeds Ash, Dave & I plus extra every time.  It about $13 a cut, which is a GREAT price for a good steak!

As for me, I was in charge of the sides so on the menu was:

  • Steak, grilled with Dave's secret marinades
  • Grilled zucchini skewers wrapped in porscuitto
  • Creamed corn succotash (Bobby Flay recipe)
  • Wine & butter mushrooms
  • Grilled onions with olive oil

The zucchini were loosely based off of a Giada recipe, but I switched things up a bit.  Instead of making little chunks of the items, I just threaded the long slices of zucchini on the skewer and then wrapped pieces of porscuitto around them  I flavored it by drizzling a little olive oil and salt/pepper, no pesto like she does.   These. were. divine!

Here are the before the grill and after the grill pics.  yum yum yum!

I also made a few things to go on top of our steaks; some mushrooms and onions.  These are easy.  The onions I sliced into big rings and drizzle EVOO and salt/pepper on them, then splash a taste of balsamic vinegar up on those babies.  Stir and let them sit in all the juices for a bit while you cook your steak, and then throw them on the grill towards the end (we put them in a grill-safe pan, but foil could work too!)

The mushrooms I cook on the stove top in butter for 10 minutes and then splash in maybe 1/4 of red wine and let them cook in that for another few minutes.  At the end of the cooking I pour in a little more wine and season with salt & pepper.  Parfait!

The Bobby Flay succotash was inspired by watching his show yesterday.  The succotash looked so good, Dave said he wanted me to try it and I replied, "I think I have most of that stuff too!"  So I improvised.  We didn't have the creme fraiche or the fancy cheese, but sour cream worked great and a splash of milk.  This is fresh corn, edamame (SO much tastier than lima beans!), chopped tomatoes and butter.  Hit it with a zest of lime and some juice and oh.my.gosh we have a new favorite summer side!  I used fresh corn, but you could totally use canned or even canned creamed corn.  Seriously, you should try it!

Here you see the mushrooms and succotash swimming away!

Succotash used to gross me out just hearing about it, but man oh man was it yummy.  I did top it off with some green onions, just like Bobby says;)

There's the steak in all it's glory, with a few pats of butter for flavor (that's an Ina & Julia suggestion)

At the table, my plate and my little visitor who wanted some meat.  C'mon, mom!  Give me MEAT!

Happy Dave.  Steak is his favorite.  Cooking with him is mine.  Great way to spend time together, and laugh and be silly, and then enjoy the fruits of our cooking labor.  Bon Apetit!!