October 16, 2014

Day 16: Retreat

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This will be short and sweet!  My BFF is here from Texas and we have a fun few days ahead of us, as well as some planning to do for the memorial for the babies next week.  We are going to NYC all day tomorrow, I can't wait!

My retreat over these past few months has been our bed.  When I need to be alone, or cry, or read a book or watch Big Bang to escape, this is where I come.  I love our room, I love how cozy and pretty it is, I love laying in bed and watching TV with Dave and just spending time here.  Frodo always cozies up to me here, and keeps watch over me to make sure I am ok.  I do a lot of my praying here, a lot of my writing here, and a lot of my remembering here.  

This is were I cradled my belly all night, the very last night Jackson was with me.  To me, that is not sad, it is special.  

It's not a grand or fabulous room, but I feel safe and OK here.  It is my retreat.

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