October 8, 2014

Day 8: Resources

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Tonight, I am tired.  And emotional.  I worked for two hours straight on a special project in honor of Jackson and Lily, to share with my family at the memorial on the 21st, and while it was helpful and healing, it was emotionally draining.  

I'm finding this song, King of Heaven, is helping me tonight.  So powerful.  Wait for it...it's beautiful.  
Today, day 8, of #captureyourgrief is resources.  I have so many.  When we got home from the hospital, I was on the internet immediately...desperate for answers and stories of women who have survived and endured through stillbirth.  I needed help and I needed hope.  I found it.  In so many places!  Each of these websites helped me find other websites and blogs of tons of moms who had something to tell me, hope to give me, and ideas for getting through grief.  
I can't thank them all enough.  I still go to these sites to this day.  I still need them all, so much.

Thank you, all of you!
And one important resources that isn't on here, is my Bible.  It's filled with verses and hope and Jesus, and it's one of the resources I lean on the most!
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